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USPTO Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Key Features

User friendly visualization of USPTO search results

  • Word Cloud to provide insight of the keywords used in each patent
  • Fast and initiative Patent Drawing display
  • Review detailed patent information right on the same page of the patent search results

Analytics tools

  • Built-in analytics tools to identify trends
  • Extract business intelligence directly from the USPTO search results
  • Generate graphical charts online to compare and analyze patent search results in assignees, inventors, filing dates, USPCs, IPCs and references.


  • Easy and flexible export options to meet your needs
  • Export selected patent files individually or as a batch
  • Support CVS and PDF download

Getting Started – Here’s what to do

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Your smart and fast patent search tool. Once the Chrome Extension is installed you will find our logo up at the right corner of your browser. Search USPTO patent database and view the results in a new organized way.

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